Salon Guarantee

The Zavi Promise Is to preserve and maintain highest standards of precise, high quality color, cuts and treatments in a relaxed, comfortable and professional atmosphere. To also remain committed to the belief that each client is special and unique individual who will always have our undivided support and devoted attention.


“I guarantee that I will not provide you with cheap, low-quality services and when you come into my salon, I will examine the condition of your hair and come up with a detailed plan so we can accomplish the look you want to convey. If for some reason your hair is not in the best condition it can be in, I will give you some options you can do to get your hair back in condition so that so that your hairstyle will look it’s very best! After, we have come up with a detailed plan and that plan is followed, you will fall back in love with your hair. After all, it is my name and reputation that is going out with each and every guest, so, that is why I want your hair to look the best it can possibly look.”

Valerie Zavislak

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